Inclusive Student Life

The Trinity Inclusive Student Life Project aims to equip student organisations within Trinity College Dublin with the necessary skills to be accessible and inclusive to disabled students.

The Trinity Inclusive Student Life Checklist

Sign up for a student-led Disability Inclusion Workshop!

The Trinity Inclusive Student Life Training Videos

Trinity Inclusive Student Life Guidelines:

Inclusive Student Life Guidelines text version

Phase 1 and Phase 2 were funded by the TCD Alumni and Trust.

Student organisations committing to accessibility and inclusion will have a significant influence on the lives of disabled students in Trinity, with a gateway of opportunity opening for social engagement, and personal development.

These resources were developed as part of the Towards Inclusive Student Life Project for the use of student organisations in Trinity College Dublin. If you are outside of this, please request permission from the Trinity Ability co_op to use any of this content. The Trinity Ability co_op is also willing to advise on similar projects in other universities and organisations.

The Inclusive Student Life logo, a line art of 4 disabled students.

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