Disability and Violence Against Women

Unfortunately, I have had one too many experiences with sexual violence against me. There have been instances in school where a few guys would slap my bottom but back then I wouldn't think anything of it because I was a child back then but looking back on it, I have realised that I never consented... Continue Reading →

Scott Byrne My name is Scott Byrne and this summer I was extremely fortunate to be a member of the Washington Ireland Program (WIP) Class of 2021.  The Washington Ireland Program is quite a unique program, selecting students from across the island of Ireland who have displayed a dedication to service and leadership. With each... Continue Reading →

Invisibles of Trinity -Part V

Having Epilepsy is an everyday challenge; since I can have a seizure attack anytime and anywhere - it could be absence seizure or tonic-clonic seizure. It could occur during lectures or while I am just walking or even just having lunch with my classmates. Plus it could happen more than once in a day and... Continue Reading →

Invisibles of Trinity -Part IV

Having an invisible disability is a strange thing. Sometimes you think it's glaringly obvious, like your disability is written across your forehead in permanent marker. You fear that everyone you meet is making presumptions about you, jumping to conclusions. Other times it's so concealed that even you question whether it's real. There is, after all,... Continue Reading →

Invisibles of Trinity -Part III

Before arriving at Trinity College Dublin as a Computer Science student and even before my diagnosis of bring on the Autistic Spectrum I was already aware of my difficulties in social encounters, especially in group work. In conversation my "radar" is limited in picking up all the subtle messaging that we all give out and... Continue Reading →

Invisibles of Trinity -Part II

Having a disability can be annoying, but so too can waking up at 2 am for a 6 am flight. However, when the Ryanair trumpets play and you lookout to see the sparkling Mediterranean, you realise it was worth getting up early for. When you have a disability, you learn to adapt, and I often... Continue Reading →

Invisibles of Trinity -Part I

When I first came to university, I was too shy to ask for help. I knew the Disability Service was there to aid with reasonable accommodations during exam time but I did not know what help they could offer me beyond that. I suffer from chronic fatigue, I found daily obstacles from studying and commuting... Continue Reading →

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