Trinity Ability co_op’s submission to the SUSI review 2021

Trinity Ability co_op’s submission to the SUSI review 2021.

Parent Interview With Harry

Harry O’Brien from the Trinity Ability Co_op interviews his dad to share the parent perspective on going to college for the first time and navigating the first year as a student with a disability.

Lack of inclusion rather than deliberate exclusion

One’s experience of inclusion will more than likely vary from one person to the next. For people with a disability, these experiences can sometimes be positive, while others often have less fortunate experiences … As a person with autism, I have a lot of social anxiety, to the point that I have often been excluded…

The Google Student with Disabilities Scholarship -Daniel Kelly

Hello, my name is Daniel and last year I finished my Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from TCD and this year I will be starting my Masters Degree in Information Security at UCL this September. The Google SwD Scholarship is a scholarship for 10 university students with a disability who are awarded a lump sum…

The First Year Experience – Ben Rowsome

At the beginning of First Year, college is a new place with new people, new sounds, new smells, new surroundings, a new way of learning – in short, it’s a new way of living, and it can often be hard for students to adjust. Navigating your way around – everything from your timetable and where…