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Inclusive Clubs and Societies Checklist

A checklist for clubs and societies that aims to make Trinity a more inclusive environment for students with disabilities.


Our strategy is to provide inclusion training for both staff and students and to grow our social media presence to highlight the importance of disability inclusion

SU Elections: President

Harry O’Brien from the Trinity Ability Co_op interviews the candidates for the TCDSU elections. (Read the transcript below!) Transcript Harry O’Brien  0:00  The ability Co Op is one of the largest student activism groups in the country, promoting awareness and advocating for policy changes to make Trinity campus an inclusive environment for students with disabilities….

Towards Inclusive Clubs, Societies and Student Unions | Project Update

The Trinity Ability Co_op presented our ‘Towards Inclusive Societies, Clubs, Student Unions and Publications’ Project to the Equality Committee this morning. We are very happy to have their support on this project that will ensure inclusion and accessibility in student organisations! This project is funded by the Trinity Trust. We will share more updates on…